1. Barbara, Blackheath - November 2009
"I had weight issues. To be frank, I was a secret binge eater in denial and was also very much overweight. With Carol, she never labelled me or judged me. I was able to explore the root of this issue which related to my childhood and also the present triggers. I was able to explore the child in me and made the decision to start losing weight and loving myself, and so far have now lost 18lbs"......

2. VO, Streatham - September 2010
"I was recommended by a friend to see Carol, I was extremely stressed, lost, confused, depressed, suffered from paranoia, loss my appetite, suffered with insomnia, loss of libido, hair loss, short tempered, felt unattractive, had trust issues and low self-esteem.

Through counselling, I was able to explore my negative mindset, work through my nightmares, face my challenges and make changes. I am no longer paranoid with the thought of dying. I think that best part of my journey is that I now feel empowered, I have my confidence back, I love myself, I now feel healthier. I have also engaged into a new relationship, I have a zest for life and I am no longer on anti-depressants".

3. Amanda - Kent - September 2010
"I never had any children, so my dog Shep was my baby for 16 years. Carol helped me to understand my grief, my emotions, my attachment, my anger as well as my resentment toward others who could not understand. I used to be so angry..."

4. JW, Blackheath - November 2011
"Carol, I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for a very positive experience and outcome of my counselling with you. It took me a long time to pluck up the courage to ask for help and having done so, I realised, over a relatively short period of 12 sessions, that the baggage which I carried and thoughts was so bad, was not as nearly as bad. Just having the opportunity to localise those worries in a safe and non-judgemental way has allowed me to gain some perspective. I felt reassured by your professionalism, whilst at the same time, feeling very relaxed and safe by your warm personality. So, I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to work through some of my problems with your guidance. I have no doubt Carol, that the genuiness of counselling that you and others like yourself provide, is enormously beneficial and can really help divert people from a negative path".

5. ES, Kent - January 2012
"Carol helped me see that being gay at the end of the day should not be a struggle, and that we are all human beings who experience anxiety, pain, hurt, joy, happiness, sadness, stresses etc. She’s helped me stay grounded on my path and walked along by my side when I struggled. I eagerly look forward to each and every one of our appointments, as I could see how genuine she was. Carol helped me realise that it doesn't matter who we are, we are all the same, and that sexuality should not be used as a weapon to abuse, attack or to discredit someone. I’ve now discovered myself and have started living an authentic life with likeminded people. For the first time in my life, I love who I am and who I am becoming, and Carol has played a big part in this transition. She did not just talk the talk but did the walk too. She's so passionate about her work and the valuing of humanity, and that was evident at each appointment. Thank you Carol".

6. JP, Brockley - October 2012
"Carol, is a friendly and caring counsellor. Her patience was incredible. She gave me the time I needed to learn to trust her. With Carol's help I was able to look into my past experiences in a completely safe place and see how this impacted on the person I am today. Seeing how they affect my behaviour with others enabled me to change the things that held me back. Carol encouraged me to challenge my incongruence which helped me to see the real person I was, and to be honest, I did not like that 'me'. Although I have changed somewhat, I am still on a journey of positive change which at times can be scary, but at least now I have the courage to say sorry and admit when I am wrong".

7. SI, Greenwich - June 2013
" I was a bit unsure when I was recommended to Carol. In in terms of differences, I am caucasian and I come from a country and culture where diversity is an issue in terms of race and colour, and I thought that may be the culture difference would be a barrier for me. On our first session, I experienced a deep understanding from Carol, and I suddenly found myself feeling safe enough to tell her the most inner confidential of secrets and exposing my vulnerability. I became emotionally tearful and overhwelmed with guilt. Not once did Carol judge me, but helped me to explore and process my inner feelings and was the guilt really mine. I struggled so much, but I have come a long way and I don't feel so heavy anymore".

8. DG, Catford - August 2013
" I came into therapy to try and understand my issues about my inherent upbringing and who and what I am expected to be or not to be by others. Carol was easy to communicate with, understanding my inherent complexities of sexuality, culture and gender, and how daunting this has been for me to deny the real me; whom like a child was struggling to escape and needed to be free. I wanted to come out to oneself, my family and friends, and my employment. She helped me explore diversity, society, sexuality, the demons, my isolation, and loneliness. She helped me find a place within me where I was able to identify the true me, to be proud of who I am and not having to pretend. I am now in a place where I have a better level of self-esteem and I am proud to be 'Gay' - and YES I have "COME OUT!".

9. SS, Caladonian Road - April 2014
"I came into therapy as I had relationship issues. I was sexually abused as a child for which I daren’t not speak of for fear of being punished or branded. I had been finding it hard to maintain a steady relationship and I maintained a sexually promiscuous lifestyle in the attempt to conquer and take control in sexual interactions. During therapy, I was able to reflect and process on my low levels of sexual esteem which was leading me to my inappropriate sexual behaviour. I trusted Carol enough to share with her the pain I felt when alone as well as my flashbacks of my abuse during sexual activity which some how made me feel powerful. This was all so confusing for me. I also realised that I was depressed. During therapy I realised I had trust issues for fear of being vulnerable and I was also afraid of losing my sense of self - the sense of self I disliked so much. Although my journey to date was filled with painful emotions and fear, I began to realise that if I did not change, I would end up to be a very sorry lonely person.

Eventually, through my counselling relationship with Carol, like a 'Flash Bulb' moment realised that I was actually engaged in a grounded safe therapeutic relationship, which in turn helped me to go on and create similar grounded non-sexual relationships outside of therapy".

10. CS, South East London - August 2014 "When I first started seeing Carol I was struggling with very low self esteem and a severe lack of confidence that was impacting my work, my relationship and my health. Through working with Carol and dealing with the deep seated guilt I felt for previous events in my life, I have been able to gradually leave these negative feelings behind and find a new sense of worth and empowerment. There are still good days and bad days but I feel 100% more equipped to deal with this now. Carol provided a non judgmental, warm and open environment to talk and explore my feelings. She made me feel valued and worthwhile again and I can honestly say that I feel like a different woman to the one who walked into that first session".

11. HD, Reading - May 2015
"It has been so helpful to have someone as insightful as a Counsellor like Carol. From the first session she took into account my uniqueness and was able to quickly apply an eclectic model of therapy. She used the models of CBT and Humanistic counselling which for me worked really well. I feel more confident now in particular at work within meetings and presentations and family conflicts and will definitely see her again if the need arises. Thank you".

12. NM, Hackney - Dec 2015
"I came to counselling through sheer guilt. As an adult female I was tormented by my past and to this day by the aggressors within my sexual abuse. It first started as a child at the age of 8 and within my culture it was something which was not spoken about for shaming the family. When I was left in the care of my aunt and uncle who groomed me for which I was none the wiser at the time. As an Asian adult now in my late 40s I am unable to engage in any form of intimate relationship. Having counselling with Carol, she made realise that that I was only respecting the figures of authority as I was brought up to do in my culture and that I was not to blame. You know the ‘Respect your auntie and uncle and do as you are told’. I did this to my detriment. Before going into therapy, I had insecurities about my body, my quest for love, and my longing for external validation. Carol has been with my on my journey of trauma, struggle with the anxiety and feelings of hopelessness. I now feel able to be stronger and able to own that that my existence is worthwhile, to let go of what is not good in my life, and to speak out. I no longer feel ashamed and I see myself as a treasured flower who will continue to flourish. I love myself and I now have a voice".

13. DS, Catford - July 2016
"Every week I look forward to Carol’s comfortable sofa. This is my place where I can share my feelings and make sense of my thoughts, feelings and emotions. I have learned to be guided by my own sense of what is acceptable more and more. I saw myself at my worst and at my best. The difference now is that I can understand what these emotions might mean and how I can deal with them better. I found our sessions so invaluable".

14 JS, Beckenham- October 2016
"Carol provided me initially with a free 30 minute telephone consultation, but to be honest ran over to 40 minutes. She was patient and listened intently on my painful issues. We explored my childhood false memory and recovered memory in terms of sexual abuse. I needed to regain some stability from this torment. Over a period of time, Carol worked very hard with me to explore my pain, feelings, family, parents, relationships, anger, resentments, who I am, and my relationship with my siblings. Although very painful, I am in a better place of acceptance and healing. Thank you so much Carol".

15 AR - London - May 2017
"I thought about going for counselling many times over the years, but I think I was afraid of what I would find out about myself. I’m in my mid-50s and I consider myself to be a very confident person, high self esteem, but underneath it all through counselling with Carol, I found a very sad, insecure person laying underneath. This I believe started from a young age being spoilt and void of any responsibility of accountability, but as a child I could only express this though anger if I had not got my own way. I noticed that my relationships which never lasted for more than a year were always fuelled by conflict for which I accepted as a norm. Within counselling, Carol helped me explore my triggers, my feelings, my emotions, my anger, understand my toxic behaviour towards others. It wasn’t easy to face all these things in my life and to deal with what I now know is learned behaviour i.e. excuses and lies, being disrespecful to others with no effort to take responsibility for my behaviour or actions, but now I cannot imagine still thinking the way I did before I started therapy. I see the world very differently now and I continue to work on it".

16. FV -NW London - August 2017 "
Through Walk and Talk therapy I was able to navigate through my life’s transition, my experience of anxiety and depression, and the lack of coping with grief and loss. The Walk & Talk therapy walking through the park worked well for me, feeling at one with nature and feeling more grounded with nature. It took me to an outer dimension of self-exploration. This was awesome! Thank you Carol for helping me to expand on my deeper inner self.

17 SW &KW, Streathem - February 2018
"I was quite skeptical when my wife suggested Couples Counselling, but working with Carol was one of the greatest commitments I and my wife did for our marriage. The work was profound and deep, but we managed to heal parts of our individuality as well as a united couple in marriage that we never thought we would be able to heal which has now kept us together. I am forever thankful".

18 KK - Kent - June 2019
"Carol was the perfect Counsellor for me because she let me discover all of it on my own. I had alot of deep rooted anxiety to to abuse and trauma as a child being sexual abused. Being a man in my 40s I decided I needed desperate help. I have never spoken about this to anyone before. She has helped me move forward and so far I have dealt with most of the demons. Carol's a great therapist and I made the right choice. I wish her all the best in the future".

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