Charge per 50 minute session - 50.00.
Home visits charge per 50 minute session - 55.00
Couples Counselling 50 minute session - 65.00
Clinical Supervision - 50 minutes 40.00.
Family Counselling 50 minute session - 65.00.
Adolescent Counselling 50 minute session - 40.00.
Walk & Talk Therapy - 50.00-55.00
SKYPE Counselling - 40.00
Life Coach - 70.00
Life coaching creates the capacity for continuous improvement, development and success; through enabling and supporting to make the best use of the client's knowledge, insight and vision to learn and develop.

Concessions available for Counselling students, trainees and psychotherapy trainees either enrolled on a Level 3 Certificate Course or Level 4 HDP Course (Year 1 & 2) and for those who are unemployed or on low wage/benefits.

I ALSO OFFER I provide a free 15 minute telephone assessment/consultation


I provide adolescent counselling between the ages of 12 and 18.
Many teenagers who come for counselling may feel that they don't know where to turn to, that they feel no one really wants to listen. With counselling they can experience respect without judgements, finding that place where they can open up in confidence.

There are four stages of development which are:
... Physical Development
... Intellectual Development
... Emotional Development
... Social Development
... Sexual Development

Within our working alliance the relationship works by offering some time-out away from family and friends
... To explore their thoughts and feelings
... To understand what is happening
... Why they are feeling different
... To have a space to be heard and feel understood

During this first session, it is hoped that you will feel supported and understood; and we can see whether we feel comfortable working with one another. If, at the end of the session you feel as though you would like to continue working with me, then we can make another appointment, or alternatively, you can go away and have a think about it.

Relationships can be one of the greatest sources of joy and fulfillment in life. When we experience relationship or self-concept issues, we feel great pain, disappointment, fear and loneliness. As human beings, we are social creatures, and from the moment we are born, and throughout our lives, we need others, and the quality of our relationships with others is vital to our sense of well-being. As adults we hope and expect our relationships to be loving and harmonious, providing warmth and security that allows us to deal with the pressures and demands of life, and to feel valued and secure. And yet, most of us know from our own lives or from our close friends and families that quite often relationships break down, or that one or both partners are living not in harmony but in states of unhappiness, frustration and insecurity.

I believe 'matters of the heart' are just that, and cannot be addressed and healed from the logical or rational mind. Bodily responses, both observed by I the therapist, or experienced by either person in the couple, also enable us to identify the unsaid both emotionally and physically far more directly and effectively than merely conversing.

I also offer a reduced fee to students, which is negotiable as well as a limited number of low cost places available to clients on a low income.

Therapy sessions last 50 minutes and are held on a weekly basis, but the latter is also negotiable.

Telephone/Skype counselling/Skype Clinical Supervision is convenient and flexible - Charge per 50 minute session is 40.00

However, personality disorders, bipolar, clinical depression and other serious disorders are not candidates for online counselling because in my opinion these require face-to-face sessions in order to be effective.

Telephone counselling can be arranged from any location of your choice. There are no travel time or travel costs associated with telephone counselling (just the cost of the call). Whether you are located in the North, South, East or West of the country, access to my telephone counselling is easier to fit in with your lifestyle.

People living in isolated communities or working abroad, without easy access to 1-1 face-to-face counselling, will find access to telephone counselling far more convenient. Telephone counselling is really convenient when trying to balance business work life, home and family commitments.

Counselling Agreement - Terms and Conditions - Telephone and Skype
•You confirm that you are over 18.

•You agree to disclose to me information about past and present mental health conditions.

•You agree to complete a registration form which will be emailed to you before your first session and return it as soon as possible with accurate information.

•You agree and accept that I reserves the right to terminate any threatening abusive behaviour and in that case refuse future sessions, with no refund.

•You agree and accept that if you are late attending, calling or logging on for your session, the end time and fee will remain the same.

•You understand and accept that telephone or Skype counselling is not a substitute for medical treatment.

•You agree and accept that your pre-booked and pre-paid face-to-face, telephone or Skype sessions are reserved exclusively for you and there is no refund should you fail to keep this session.

•You accept that should I have to cancel your session unexpectedly, 24 hrs notice should be given, but every effort will be made to offer you an alternative time. Should this not be possible, your payment will be refunded.

•All telephone and Skype counselling sessions are pre-paid and pre-booked. Please understand that payment must be made prior to your session. Face-to-Face sessions can be paid when attending each session.


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